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Cutting Edge Servers Technology

High Performance Load Balancing Servers
Fiber optic connections with Diverse Backbones
Cisco Routers using BGP4 Protocol
RAID technology Data Backups
UPS backup power and external power sources
24x7 Network Monitoring

Managed webhosting?

Our defination:

Managed webhosting is often used to mean server management on the server side only.
Here at Coux, we provide the full service, also making sure that your software is configured and properly set up  to be hosted on our servers to run as they were designed to, 100 percent. 


We take security and stability seriously. We use multiple time period RAID data backups so your data can always be 'time travelled' back even if you messed up.

Perfect Scalability

Perfectly scalable digital solutions to grow together with your business.

Start from scratch

We are not just a webhost, we also provide digital solutions to meet all your business needs.

Made for every business

We are able to host on our servers any websites or software that requires custom configurations. 
No limits!

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We are your external IT department.
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